June 16, 2019
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Computer Use Contract

Omar Haikal Islamic Academy Computer Use Contract

I understand that the use of the Internet and computers at O.H.I.A. depends on following the rules below and that inappropriate use of the computers may result in my loss of computer privileges.
I will not use school computers:

    * ·         for any private or commercial purpose
    * ·         to access or share inappropriate materials
    * ·         to send rude, threatening, or harassing messages
    * ·         to obtain, or try to obtain, unauthorized access to any computer or network
    * ·         to access chat rooms, instant messaging, game sites, or other non-educational sites.
    * ·         to defame or libel any person
    * ·         to plagiarize work found on the Internet

I will not copy programs, pirate software, or waste computer supplies and I will follow all copyright rules.
For my safety, I will not give my full name, home address, telephone number or other personal or school information to others.  I will inform the staff if inappropriate material is on a computer.
I will not use CD-ROMS or flash drives, nor will I attach any equipment to Academy computers without first getting permission.
I understand and agree to the Academy’s contract for computer use.


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